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Restorative yoga workshop

A 90-minute restorative class including passive stretches, breath work and meditation.

Relaxation and rest is an innate part of human living, to heal, to grow, to rejuvenate, to re-vitalise, to restore harmony. In a demanding and fast-paced environment, many often equate being productive with meaning or purpose in life and rest is often disregarded.

Rest is a state where the body and mind take a pause from stimulation, to re-calibrate and restore equanimity - an essential process for establishing harmony at the physical, emotional and mental level, an important ingredient for peace and joy in life.

In this spacious practice you will be guided through supported, passive stretches, breath work and meditation to offer you time to fully unwind and restore vital energy.

This 90-minute class with island yogi Gem Hansen will take place from 5pm on Sunday 20th October at Tresco Heliport. Spaces cost £20pp - book via the Tresco Island Spa.

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